A project using Armco, Key Clamps & Galvanised Tube

The company’s premises are situated directly opposite Fisher Alvin and we have watched with interest over the last 2 months as the new extension was built using Armco, Key Clamps & Galvanised Tube.

Following a conversation with their Facilities and Inventory Manager, it became apparent that they were concerned that both delivery lorries and forklift trucks could damage the new extension and therefore a need for perimeter protection was required.

This is where Fisher Alvin was able to help…

We visited the site (a nice short walk across the road) and identified over 20 linear metres of Armco that were required to protect the outside of the new building whilst allowing for 3 access points for customers, staff and forklift trucks.

Goods were supplied to the site within 2 working days and the staff were able to install the materials themselves.

Having supplied the Armco materials we also identified that the inside of the new building required some form of protection and demarcation to keep FLT away from the outer wall.

As a result, we also provided Key Clamp and Galvanised steel tube for this.

Customers are delighted with both the products and service they have received and have already identified additional areas that will need more Armco.

This is a great example of how one product can lead to sales of another.
Whilst Armco barriers are not one of our main product lines they do offer a great
solution for warehouse protection which many of our customers are involved in.
We have a number of regular groundworks customers, using Key Clamps, who
invariably also need Armco at many of their sites and we are delighted to be able to offer this solution for them.