Fisher Alvin Launches their Pallet Safety Gates

Fisher Alvin Pallet Safety Gates – Whether you have a fixed guardrail or freestanding edge protection you will frequently need to include an access point. Whilst the Fisher Alvin KEE GATE is perfect where this is just for workers, what about when you need the gap to be wide enough to transfer whole pallets of goods through.

This is where the new range of Fisher Alvin Pallet Safety Gates really do offer the perfect solution.

Compliant with EN 14122-3 this clever design enables whole pallets to be lifted onto a mezzanine or higher floor whilst not exposing workers at height to any open gaps in the edge protection or guardrail. Coming in either galvanised steel or aluminium options the pallet safety gates are easy to install, fully adjustable and suitable for gaps up to 1.8m wide.

If you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact us on 01905 779944, email us on [email protected] or simply request a quote via our website.

Fisher Alvin Pallet Safety Gates, another quality solution.

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