Freestand Roof Edge Protection

We always encourage our customers to send in roof plans when they are asking for a price for Roof Edge Protection.

These plans can include Ariel photographs, Google Earth images, detailed architecture plans, CAD drawings… or sometimes literally the very basic information required

Having dealt with this customer for a number of years, we knew he had a good knowledge of the freestand system but were still surprised by the small amount of information provided at the point of enquiry

However, having had a number of conversations and emails it became apparent that this was a significant order for us and one that we needed to get right. Whilst pricing was important the key factor ensured that each of the roof areas was packed individually on separate pallets so that his installers could take them on separate trips to site as the job evolves.

Following the placing of the order, our clamps, tube and weights were packed onto 8 separate pallets of various sizes.

Working closely with our long establish haulier, Hilltop Transport, we were able to negotiate favourable rates in terms of delivering essentially 8 separate pallets to suit the needs of our customer and ultimately the end user.

Roof Edge Protection