Home Schooling

Further to last month’s Case Study where I spoke about our new Instagram account, I am delighted to share with you another success story from this source.

Whilst it is still very much in its infancy we are seeing this as a new tool in our marketing of new and bespoke products to a wider more diverse customer base.

Due to the ongoing lockdown across the UK , homeschooling is very much the order of the day for a wide range of children. What is less spoken about is that the same applies to mature students and those studying on vocational and BTEC courses. Previous classroom activities
are now consigned to Zoom and Teams calls at the students home.

We were therefore delighted to help one student who was after a quick and easy solution to the fact a desk was required so that she could complete these studies away from the rest of the household.

The request was a simple one, the customer needed a desk to place her laptop on and work books on. However many of the normal desk providers were unavailable due to lockdown and long delivery times meant our solution was not only cheaper, but would be received a lot quicker.

The customer was delighted with the service, the desk literally being made and sent to her within 24 hours of the approach.

Obviously, that was the easy part, now it’s over to the customer to complete her studies……