A Good Fit for Harper & Lewis

As the number of applications for key clamps and galvanised steel tube continues to increase, Fisher Alvin Group boast a large number of customers who are interior designers and shop fitters. They all find the key clamp range particularly versatile in designing solutions for clothes shops.

Harper and Lewis shop frontAmongst these, we have been proud to support the recent launch of the Harper & Lewis Vintage Clothes shop range at premises throughout the UK. Sitting down with the shop fitters from the outset of the store design, we were able to offer advice on a range of solutions from clothes rails, tables and wall fixings to display their range of clothes in a distinct and urban style that customers respond well to.

Having helped with the design, we have been able to offer ongoing support to the team, with both prompt delivery of goods, free cutting of tube and further design as the shops continue to expand and new ones open.

We’ve been involved every step of the way and look forward to working with Harper & Lewis in the future.