Little Things Add Up A Key Clamps & Galvanised Steel Tube Case Study

So when the enquiry came through for key clamps and tube for butterflies our immediate reaction was… we don’t do clamps that small…

However, when we sat down a read through the enquiry and the customers plans we realised that the clamps and tube were required to build a range of bespoke frames that would have netting placed over them to keep the butterflies safely inside.

Having converted the customers drawings into a bill of quantities and produced the necessary quote we realised that the ‘little things’ really do add up.

The initial plans that were drawn up by our customer were simple but enabled us to establish the exact dimensions and then recommend a selection of clamps and galvanised steel tube all in our size 6, 33.7mm option.

The finished frame is covered in a fine netting that ensures the butterflies are kept safely in doors but with plenty of room to fly around.


The case study is another great example of how flexible our products are and is a perfect excuse to show off a couple of my butterfly pictures….