Never mind the Bollards

Many of us will know the situation when you complete a request for capital expenditure, get the funding agreed, get the work done and then discover that there is a hidden extra cost that wasn’t allowed for at the initial stage.

Well, this case study is an example of this that we recently went through and the steps taken to address this, which has led to a new product opportunity for us.

Fisher Alvin Tube & FittingsAs part of our ongoing development here at Fisher Alvin, we arranged for some additional racking to be installed to take another 40 pallets of stock. We had a couple of quotes, agreed the specifications and then following agreement of our Capital Expenditure got the racking installed in late November.

All good, until a Health and Safety, visit the following month identified that each upright should ideally have a bollard placed in front of it to minimise the risk of the Fork Lift truck hitting it.

Customer problem & our solution

With a total of 20 uprights to protect we started the process of sourcing these and initial investigations showed that there were a wide range of options.

Whilst each of them would have solved our problem, with prices ranging from £60.00 to £500.00 the impact of ordering 20 meant that our initial capital expenditure would be significantly under estimated.

The benefits to the customer

With this in mind, we decided to go ‘DIY’ and see if this was something that we could make ourselves.

Fisher Alvin Tube & FittingsCutting a length of 60.3mm tube to 1040mm and attaching an A12-9 base plate and plastic end cap seemed like the obvious solution. With the help of our local powder coaters and some black tape we have created what we think is perfect solution… at a fraction of the cost.

The first two have now been installed successfully and we are currently in the process of getting the remaining 18 done.

We are now exploring this product as a possible addition to our range that we can sell to our customers.