Premium Roof Edge Protection | Fisher Alvin

We have been dealing with a local installation company for a number of years. They have used our materials to install guard rails in warehouses, Armco barriers in car parks and a number of Premium roof edge protection jobs.

Following the successful installation last year of our Defender product in London they were approached again by the same property agents to look at another challenging site in the capital.

The challenge facing the property agents with this particular site was that due to a number of obstructions and odd roof design there was very little space on the roof for the Defender weights.

The actual company in the property were a large firm of accountants and as a result, they were keen that any edge protection installed needed to match the rest of the building, a matt black finish.

The company, therefore approached us looking for a solution.

Premium Roof Edge Protection

The immediate solution was to offer our Premium Edge Protection which has a much smaller footprint on the roof space.

In addition, using a local powder coating company, we were able to get all of the rails, fittings and gate powder coated black to match the exterior cladding of the building.

All items were individually wrapped and delivered to site for a pre 9am drop and the complete installation was completed within one day.