Racking Up The Sales

This company based on the same industrial estate as Fisher Alvin, designing and manufacturing disabled showers, wet rooms, accessible bathrooms and kitchens.

We have built up a close relationship with them over the years supplying Armco barriers and tube and fittings to assist with their warehouse expansion.

When a new requirement emerged, they came straight to us.

The company had commenced a new line to boost their sales and were taking delivery of a large amount of new and specialised vinyl flooring.

As a result they needed a quick and easy solution in terms of racking in their warehouse so that this new flooring could be stored.

Whilst a specific rack could have been purchased, time was of the essence and a key clamp and galvanised steel tube set seemed the perfect solution.

Within 24 hours of receiving the enquiry we had built the first rack so that our customers could collect and test it to make sure the dimensions were correct the rack stable enough to take the weight of the vinyl flooring.

Our quick response secured the order for all 11 racks and our ‘neighbours’ were yet again delighted with our service. Let’s hope they have further expansion plans….