From Rough Sketch to Full Protection

We all know what it’s like when you get that email asking if you can supply roof edge protection and your immediate response is ‘of course we can, do you have the dimensions or drawing of the roof edge you wish to protect?’

I am sure we all know that whilst architect’s plans and technical drawings would be welcome at this point, it is more often the case that you get a rough sketch of the roof and it becomes important to ensure this is an accurate reflection of the area.

This was exactly the situation that faced Jack Blackwell recently on a roof edge protection enquiry, that we subsequently went on to win.

We have been working with a client for a number of years and when Jack got the initial enquiry he was able to work with the installers to establish exactly what was required.

Following a number of emails, phone calls and a further site visit that included a full video and audio description of the roof, Jack was able to satisfy himself that the sketch was an accurate reflection of the roof.

By providing a quick and competitive response and quote to this enquiry our customers were able to win this tender and secure the job to install this vital protection.