Shop Fitting

Having recently seen our Key Clamps and Galvanised Steel Tube at their local pub and restaurant our client contacted us, as they were opening up a new clothes shop and was keen to use something similar in their outlet.

The meeting was held at our premises with Jack Blackwell, where the client produced some very ‘rough’ sketches of what they were looking for.

Jack converted these sketches and then agreed to a specific cutting list with the customer so that everything could be supplied ready to be installed.

Not all drawings come in CAD quality, but we will always be able to work with our customers and establish what they require.

Rough Sketch drawings

The goods were then packed separately so that each unit could be easily identified and delivered directly to the shop within 2 working days of the order being placed.

Our quick and accurate service was appreciated by the customer and ensured that the shop was ready to be stocked up with a range of clothes within a matter of days of the initial enquiry coming through.