Stepover Platform

Our long-standing customer, was on site installing a large scale chiller/freezer room, with our Edge Protection System on its roof. Whilst on site, an area was identified that a temporary set of steps made out of scaffold needed to be replaced and our customer was asked to come up with a solution. Having recently received an email from me promoting the new range of stepovers and platforms, my customer approached me to establish if these could be the solution he was looking for.

Whilst our new platforms appeared to be the best solution, due to the limited space and need to be wide enough for a door access the standard 700mm treads would not work.

Therefore we had to come up with a bespoke solution and Andrew Causer and the team got straight onto it.

By using a specially fabricated checker plate at 1000mm wide we were able to develop a set of steps and platform that fits perfectly into the required area