Walk In…. Walk Out

Whilst the vast majority of Fisher Alvin’s business is done via telephone, email and internet sales together with a large distributor network for our drinking bowls we do retain a ‘trade counter’ and will sell directly to the public.

A great example of this was seen before Christmas when we were visited by a local couple looking to install a small handrail outside their barn conversion. They had seen our website and couldn’t believe how close we were to where they lived.

The challenge was that the handrail had to be in keeping with the look and feel of the historic barn and they were looking for a solution that met their needs

Project Details

Sitting down with the couple it was apparent that galvanised steel tube and key clamps would solve the problem of the horizontal rails.

However in order to fit in with the rest of the property the decision was taken to create the upright posts from timber.

Following the supply of clamps and tube, which were then coated black it is fair to say our customers were delighted with the final result.

The customers were extremely grateful for the speed of our response, the accuracy of the tube cutting and the overall level of service which solved their problems

… they literally walked in and then walked out with the perfect solution