Another Powerful Display

We’re always excited when we see a new use for our products so it was great when we were recently approached by ZephIR Lidar who were looking for a solution to fixing their ZehphIR 300 lidar onto a trailer.

The system has been designed to enable easy, fast deployment of power supply to remote areas anywhere in the world. The Power supply combines solar, wind and fuel cell generator inputs to a 24V AGM sealed battery bank suitable for the reliable, continuous operation of a ZephIR lidar. All voltage, fuel levels and system status can be monitored over the internet via a GSM network.

The versatility and flexibility of our key clamps were perfect in creating a bespoke frame that could be fitted to the trailer and then connected to the ZephIR 300 lidar. We are now working with the company to create further solutions including the development of a tent like structure that can sit above their equipment and offer further protection from the elements in the remote areas that their off-grid power supplies are used.

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