Closer to Home

As a supply only company, we must confess some months we really do struggle to get images of up to date installations as we are totally reliant on our customers sending them through to us. Whilst we have had a great month on sales, April has proven to be just one of those months where despite requests and cajoling we have not had any suitable pictures come through. However, it has therefore given me a chance to review some of the creative ways we have used key clamps in our office and factory over the years.

One of our latest creations… with a member of staff returning to work following a period of long term illness, an immediate need was for a temporary stand up desk. Within 30 minutes we had created a temporary extension to the desk.

Computer desk using Key Clamps

Following a recent H&S audit we need to create an area where hi-viz jackets and other PPE could be easily accessible prior to entering the warehouse. A quick scratch of the heads and we had the perfect design for a key clamp solution.


Another H&S visit and we needed to create a welcome area that included a signing in book for all guests and visitors. Whilst our first instinct was to go to Ikea, we quickly realised that a key clamp desk not only did the job but was also a perfect advert for our products to all of our visitors as they stood there signing in.

We have a storage/assembly area for our Livestock animal drinkers… whilst it is starting to show it’s age this area was built over 10 years ago and has really stood the test of time.