Fisher Alvin has the Edge

For over 10 years we’ve been supplying Freestanding Roof Edge Protection to customers across the UK and Europe. Designed as a counterbalanced safety system the beauty of it is that there is no damage or penetration caused to the roof surface ensuring that the integrity of the roof is maintained.

Whilst the system works on all flat roofs and those with a gradient of no more than 10 degrees, every roof comes in all shapes, sizes and heights and we are pleased to provide a solution every time.

This was evident on a recent job that was completed by our team of recommended installers from QBS Installations. Three roof areas in the heart of London required urgent protection to an exposed roof edge. With over 3 tonnes of material required the goods were picked and packed and taken direct to site by our hauliers to meet a crane at the designated time. With limited access at ground level a swift transfer of the materials onto the roof area was required to keep the disruption to the residents and businesses to a minimum.

Once the Roof Edge materials were craned and deposited on to the three roofs the team from QBS Installations were able to complete the installation without any further disruption to the car park area. As can be seen from the images the lads from QBS did a fantastic job and within 2 days over 400 linear metres of Roof Edge Protection was installed.