Free Running on Parkour Frame

In one of our previous posts we showcased a climbing frame that one of our customers made from our products and we couldn’t wait to share this fantastic Parkour training frame with you.

We were approached by a Parkour company who had seen an earlier one of our blogs on twitter, we were able to supply them with a range of key clamps and galvanised steel tube to complete a frame for their parkour facility. Whilst there are standard frames on the market the beauty of our key clamp system is that you can make whatever you want, to fit whatever size you need. Once you have come up with a design and measured the required height, width and depth we can turn your ideas into a fully functioning system.

As you can see from the images the finished system is stunning and will certainly result in increased interest in parkour / free running in their local area.

If you have an idea, whether it be a parkour frame, a climbing frame, furniture, shelves… or even maybe a handrail (the original use of key clamps) get in touch with us. We are confident we will have a solution for you.

Parkour Frame


Parkour Practice Frame
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