Keep Your Distance

I am sure we can all agree that 2020 has not turned out as any of us could have imagined when we celebrated the New Year last December.

Following a series of lockdowns across the world and new social distancing becoming the ‘new norm’ many businesses have had to adapt and change how they operate and interact with their customers.

This case study is an example of how we have been able to support one such company with a major change to the access to their premises.






The customer was looking to install a new queuing system outside their premises and saw the key clamp and galvanised steel tube as the perfect solution.

The idea being to keep the horizontal bars in a galvanised finish and powder coat the upright posts yellow to effectively demark the appropriate social distancing spacing.

Having received the proposed drawings, Jack Blackwell set about pulling together a complete bill of quantities as there were a whole host of different fittings required. With all of the fittings needing to be powder coated this was a job we had to get right, first time.



Jack was able to get this bill of quantities produced for the customer within a matter of hours and priced the job up accordingly.

Once the order was secured we worked with our Powder Coaters to get the materials coated very quickly as time was critical due to a small installation window.

Throughout the installation, we were on hand to assist the team with any questions or changes that needed to be made.

Our flexibility and fast response enabled the work to be completed ahead of schedule.

As businesses across the world are adapting to the ‘new norm’ so Fisher Alvin is ready to support them with the right solution.