Key Clamps & Galvanised Steel Tube Project Delivered FAST!

 Customer Problem & Our Solution

The customer already had a solution for a metal barrier that was to protect an area but the client had requested that a handrail be retrofitted to this to offer additional support. The company produces all of its solutions in a yellow and black finish and therefore required the handrail to match this.

The Benefits to The Customer

Having worked with us for a number of years we have built up a strong and trusted relationship. They were keen that we got this right first time and ensured the right quantities and patterns were powder coated to a high standard. Given that the product was a mix of black and yellow it was important that extra care was taken in both the picking and packing of these items, with everything shipped individually wrapped.

Project Information

From the date of order, we were able to get the first batch of materials to the customer within 2 weeks so that the handrail could be installed within 2 days of receipt. The customers have been delighted with the service received and we have already received a second identical order for another installation at a further site.