A new angle to Roof Edge Protection

When we were recently approached by a new customer looking for edge protection we were keen to impress them with our speed of response in terms of the initial enquiry and getting the materials to site for them.

As a new customer that first impression really counts and therefore despite the fact we had a mountain of enquiries coming in that day we made sure this was given top priority and responded within one hour to their request.

Customer problem and our solution

The customers had an urgent request for roof edge protection and only a small window in terms of getting the materials on the roof due to access limits and the availability of the crane.

As can be seen opposite the roof plan was ‘shapely’ to say the least with a lot of corners and acute angles. Despite this, we responded swiftly to the enquiry and impressed them with our level of service.

Having submitted our quote and secured the order our focus turned to getting goods to the site on time and packed correctly.

With two roof areas to protect we packed the components separately together with bundles of tubes per roof area. With lots of labels on we made sure our haulier knew exactly what had to be delivered, where and when.

Our hauliers then played their part and delivered everything to site correctly, on time and the goods were transferred onto the two roof areas as necessary.

The customers were delighted with the level of service received, as well as the simplicity of the Defender product. I am certain we have a secured a customer that will now come back for repeat orders.