No Job Too Big… or Small

From Roof Edge Protection Systems spanning more than 500 linear metres to extensive guard rails alongside rail tracks and public areas, we have been involved with lots of major safety projects across the UK and further a field.

We pride ourselves on treating every enquiry with the same enthusiasm, regardless of size or complexity. Our products are very much about protecting customers, staff and the general public and therefore no job is too big or indeed too small.

A great example of this was recently seen with a short run of Armco barriers that we were asked to supply. With literally two barriers, a couple of posts, 90 degree corner and fishtail end our customer placed a tentative enquiry with us as they were not sure whether we would supply such a small amount of product. We quickly reassured the customer that we would be delighted to supply the required materials to protect a retaining wall in a small but very busy car park at the rear of their restaurant and shop.

From the initial phone call a quote was given, an order placed and payment made with the goods delivered the following day. Having a builder on site to receive the goods the Armco barrier was immediately installed – not a bad 24 hour turn around!