A platform for greater things

The Fisher Alvin website is designed to cover a wide range of products that we either have here in stock at our Droitwich warehouse or can source.

One such product is the bespoke platform and in October last year, we increased our online promotion of this product to a wider audience. As a result, we were approached by a new customer looking for both edge protection and a bespoke platform late last year.

Our new customer had been asked by a local Army barracks to install roof edge protection to the local building due to the ongoing safety concerns of workers on the roof area.

In addition to the roof, there was an air duct that was in need of regular servicing but was very difficult to access due to its location.

Having tried a number of other companies, our customer approached us as he could not see how the problem could be solved.

As can be seen from the image opposite the air duct was adjacent to steps and access point with very little footprint below in which fix to the ground.

Standard platform solutions were not practical and therefore we sought the help and of a fabricator to create a bespoke solution.

Working with the team we were able to provide the necessary dimensions and answers from the customer to get the design created.

The platform is now fully installed and includes an additional support bar that was added after feedback from the customer. The quality of the product is excellent and the customer and his end-user have both been really pleased with the results.

Whilst this job is now complete, our new customer is now looking for further platform jobs and knows where to come when he finds them.