The Skylights the limit

We have been supplying this customer self-closing gates for some time now and recently supported them with a number of Freestanding Edge Protection jobs. At each point of sale we do ask if there is anything else that we can help them with and constantly discuss other solutions that we have in terms of roof safety.

This case study relates to one such example….

Having been asked to complete a site visit by their clients in respect of roof safety, our customers had identified that there were 9 roof lights exposed on three sides. Whilst they were initially looking to see if a full edge protection system would work, we suggested they consider the Skylight Guardrail option as this would provide a perfect solution for them.

From the initial enquiry, we were able to deliver all of the required items to the customer within 3 working days. As a result, they were able to arrange a weekend installation and get all 9 roof lights protected between the office workers leaving on a Friday night and returning on a Monday morning. Our customers were really pleased with this product and now that they have seen and used it recognise that there will be plenty more opportunities for them to quote this product in the future.

Our General Manager is heading down to meet the team at this company in the next month to run through the rest of Roof Safety Products and who knows what else we can help them with……