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Feeding Step-Over Platform

This customer contacted us through our websites plan submission page. The enquiry caught our eye straight away as the request was for a feeding platform to feed Aviary Birds. We received a drawing to show the style the customer was looking for including the dimensions. The problem we faced was the limited space we had… more »

Aluminium Stepover Platforms

This customer approached us via our website looking for a price to supply 3x Aluminium Stepover Platforms to provide a safe access solution over ducting pipe on a roof. It was clear from the drawings that this needed to be Bespoke. With the help from the technical team, we were able to send a quote… more »

Fisher Alvin Tube & Fittings

Livestock Drinkers

At Fisher Alvin our Livestock Drinkers are a major part of our business. We supply a wide range of drinkers all around the world. For all kinds of different animals. These will include horses, cattle, sheep, pigs and even tigers. Throughout the year our drinkers equate to approx. 35% of our total sales. Background During… more »

Into Reality

With all the case studies and pictures we have been uploading on our website this customer was able to see he had come to right place. The customer was able to see we had previously supplied other customers with Parkour Frames. He was able to take ideas from previous jobs and put them into his… more »

A platform for greater things

The Fisher Alvin website is designed to cover a wide range of products that we either have here in stock at our Droitwich warehouse or can source. One such product is the bespoke platform and in October last year, we increased our online promotion of this product to a wider audience. As a result, we were approached… more »

Home Schooling

Further to last month’s Case Study where I spoke about our new Instagram account, I am delighted to share with you another success story from this source. Whilst it is still very much in its infancy we are seeing this as a new tool in our marketing of new and bespoke products to a wider… more »