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DDA Compliant Ramps

Ramps for Disabled Access

DDA Compliant Access Ramps – Modularity with Flexibility – Certified Components – A Better Looking Solution

Fisher Alvin access ramps have been developed to suit all modern disability access standards. Our DDA ramps are built using unique fittings and come in a variety of styles, structures, and materials.

Disabled access made easier

Fisher Alvin DDA-compliant ramps have been developed to ensure businesses and homes are fully accessible for everyone, the elderly and disabled, and those who need to use wheelchairs and scooters to move around.

Under the Equality Act 2010 (previously DDA), all public buildings and businesses in the UK are legally required to make reasonable adjustments to remove physical barriers and ensure equal access to their premises for people with disabilities or reduced mobility. One of the most straightforward ways for businesses to make themselves more accessible to everyone is by installing disabled access ramps.

Screenshot 2022 11 15 at 15. 43. 19 fisher alvin key clamps & tubes

DDA compliant ramps

Our access ramps are compliant with UK accessibility standards. To be compliant, ramps must be designed, tested, and built properly to ensure the safety of users and others accessing the building.

Permanent or semi-permanent access ramps used in public spaces must comply with Building Regulations Document Part M, BS8300, and the National Planning Framework.

See our DDA compliant ramp in action

What to consider when purchasing a compliant wheelchair access ramp?

When you purchase a wheelchair ramp, you should take into consideration the following factors:

1. You must provide the proper slope

The access is made easier by a swallower slope. For public access, the DDA requires a slope of 1:15.

1. Dda ramp fisher alvin key clamps & tubes

2. You must provide the proper clearance for navigation

In the UK, 1200mm is generally considered to be the width of the ramp. The same applies to the space available on a landing that is clear of any door swing paths.

2. Dda ramp fisher alvin key clamps & tubes

3. You must provide a flat landing for long distances and changes in direction

Every time a ramp changes direction, a flat landing must be provided. Moreover, there must be a landing every 5 meters for a slope of 1:15.

3. Dda ramp fisher alvin key clamps & tubes

4. Ensure the ramp has grab rails and guardrails

It is important that grabrails are smooth, continuous, and not cold to the touch. A minimum of 1100mm in height should be required for guardrails.

4. Dda ramp fisher alvin key clamps & tubes

It’s the details that make access ramps from Fisher Alvin safe

Kee Klamp fittings

Fisher Alvin ramps use tried and tested tubular Kee Klamp fittings for construction.

Disabled ramp kee klamp fittings fisher alvin key clamps & tubes

Smooth handrails

Smooth, continuous handrail can be powder coated to any RAL colour to meet the visibility and “not cold to the touch” requirements of the Building Regulations.

Disabled ramp handrail fisher alvin key clamps & tubes

Vertical bar infill panels

Anti-climb, galvanised premium infill panel can be annexed to any ramp.

Disabled ramp vertical bar infill panels fisher alvin key clamps & tubes

GRP walkway

Fiberglass mini mesh offers optimum levels of safety, even in freezing conditions.

Disabled ramp grp walkway fisher alvin key clamps & tubes


Edge guard helps the user to move around the access route.

Disabled ramp toeboard fisher alvin key clamps & tubes

Load bearing feet

Adjustable on-site to fit most ground conditions.

Disabled ramp load bearing feet fisher alvin key clamps & tubes

Fisher Alvin disabled ramps vs the rest

Steel, wood, concrete, and aluminium are the usual materials considered for disabled access ramps. Each has its own advantages and drawbacks.

Screenshot 2022 11 15 at 15. 14. 46 fisher alvin key clamps & tubes

Do you need any help with designing a ramp?

If at any time the platform design needs to be changed, Fisher Alvin can easily modify the existing access ramp to meet new requirements. Just contact us for advice and a quotation.

Contact us to discuss your site requirement. We can design and supply a DDA compliant ramp to provide safe and easy access to your building.

Call Fisher Alvin on 01905 779944 for a FREE quotation and to discuss your project.

DDA Access Ramps – Frequently Asked Questions

What access ramp options are available?

The railing can be colour matched to the property to complement classic or contemporary structures. The ramp is available in two width sizes (1200mm and 1500mm) to meet a variety of compliance options. Extra safety and convenience include colour contrasted floor panels, a middle “child” rail option, and a stair module.

How can I be sure users will be safe?

Fisher Alvin disabled ramp has been designed and created by professional engineers. Rigorous testing to standards has been completed. Test reports are available upon request. 

How much maintenance is required?

Fisher Alvin ramp requires much less maintenance than wooden or concrete structures and in many cases less than other metal ramps. Our ramps are made from galvanised steel – this protective coating prevents rust and kills moss. The anti-slip ramp surface has integrated grit and drainage holes to prevent the build-up of water and ice.

How quickly Fisher Alvin ramp can be delivered and installed?

Fisher Alvin ramps are built with standard tubular Kee Klamp® fittings, so stock availability is generally not a problem. Once the purchase order is received, delivery can be arranged within days. A simple ramp can be fitted within a day. More complex structures for commercial use might take up to a week to install.

Call Fisher Alvin on 01905 779944 for a FREE quotation and to discuss your project

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