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A new angle to Roof Edge Protection

Innovative safety solutions: fisher alvin's roof edge protection

We were contacted by a customer seeking an effective roof edge protection solution in a very short space of time, who needed a company that could react quickly and effectively.

The Problem

The customer needed a roof edge protection system for two separate roof areas. Although this seems like a standard request, the client made it clear they had a very small window to work within due to access permissions and crane availability.

We know the first impression counts, so we made it a priority, responding in less than one hour.

The Solution

There were two roof areas to be protected. On initial inspection, we realised the space was unique, with several corners and acute angles. 

Nevertheless, our experts were able to quickly draw up a solution in the form of our freestanding roof edge protection system, using modular galvanised key clamp fittings and galvanised tube. This impressed the customer, who agreed to the quote and placed the order.

Aware of the customer’s tight schedule, we made certain that the goods were packed correctly and delivered to the site at the right time. Components were packed separately with bundles of tubes per roof area, labelled clearly to prevent confusion and maximise efficiency. 

Our hauliers did a fantastic job getting everything there on time, and the goods were moved onto the two roof areas promptly.

The Result

The customer was delighted with both the effectiveness and ease of installation of the freestanding roof edge protection system, as well as the level of service they received.

We offer a range of fall protection solutions for all types of roofs. For more information, just get in touch.

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