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Cs14 fisher alvin key clamps & tubes

After seeing an online promotion for our bespoke access platforms, we were approached by a customer looking for both a platform solution and roof edge protection system for a local army barracks.

The Problem

The customer had been asked by the barracks to install roof edge protection after potential fall risks to workers on their roof were highlighted.

On top of this, the roof featured an air duct that needed regular maintenance and servicing but was difficult to access due to its location, adjacent to steps and an access point leaving very little space to fix a solution.

The customer had sought help from other suppliers but none were able to help, leaving the customer unsure as to whether the problem could be solved.

The Solution

After investigating the site, we deduced that a standard platform solution was not viable. Instead, we worked with a fabricator using dimensions supplied to create a bespoke platform system.

The platform could easily overcome the obstacles and allow safe access for maintenance, and also featured an integral support bar, added after feedback from the customer.

As well as this, we supplied a roof edge protection system using steel fittings known as key clamps.

The Result

Once installed, the platform and edge protection system offered a secure access solution that did not impede maintenance. The customer said they were impressed with the quality of the product and would work with Fisher Alvin again on future platform projects.

Crucially, the end-user client was very pleased with the results.

Fisher Alvin has years of experience providing safe access and roof edge protection solutions. Want to discuss your access requirements? Just get in touch!

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