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A project using Armco, Key Clamps & Galvanised Tube

Cs20 fisher alvin key clamps & tubes

We were able to assist a customer who needed an effective perimeter protection solution for a new extension at their industrial premises.

The Problem

The customer’s Facilities and Inventory Manager was concerned that delivery lorries and forklift trucks could potentially damage their new extension, and decided that a perimeter protection system was needed.

After a visit to their site, we identified that around 20 metres of perimeter protection were needed, but that this barrier would need to take into account access requirements including three access points that were crucial for customer and staff entry.

We also identified that further protection and demarcation was needed inside the building to keep forklift trucks away from the wall.

The Solution

After further discussion with the customer, we suggested Armco Crash Barriers as the perfect solution for protecting the walls of their extension from damage.

Armco galvanised steel barriers are visible, hard-wearing, and the perfect solution for directing vehicles away from walls and protecting against crashes. They can be powder-coated yellow to increase visibility, and the design of the system means it’s easy to design it bespoke to almost any site requirements.

For the interior of the building, we suggested a key clamp and galvanised tube railing system. This modular barrier solution is simple but incredibly effective. Best of all, should any damage occur, the damaged section of the rail can be easily removed and swapped out for a new section.

The Result

We were able to supply both the Armco crash barriers and key clamp fittings to the site within 2 days, and the simple design of both systems meant staff could easily install the barriers themselves.

The customer was delighted with the system and their extension is now fully protected against damage from vehicles. The Facilities Manager said he has already identified several areas where Armco crash barriers could be needed, which is great news.

Want to know more about our crash barrier and railing solutions? Just get in touch!

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