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Fisher Alvin ‘Racking Up’ Another Use For Their Key Clamps

Key clamp galvanised steel storage racking system housing multiple kayaks

We were approached by a kayaking club looking to use our Key Clamps to store their kayaks and a range of sporting equipment.

The Problem

The customer sought us out as they needed a bespoke racking system for the many kayaks they had at the club. As there were several kayaks that would be regularly removed and replaced, the racking solution needed to be secure and stable.

The Solution

Our Key Clamp fittings have been used for building racks for decades, and they excel in areas where a bespoke rack is needed because standard racking is unsuitable.

After a discussion with the customer, we were able to help them design a system that could safely store the kayaks and make it easy for club members to retrieve them whenever needed.

Overall, the customer needed 500 clamps and 300 meters of galvanised steel tube, which we cut to size for free, which we offer as standard.

The Result

Once the components were picked, we dispatched them on a shrink-wrapped pallet, and delivery was made within days of the initial enquiry. The club members were able to easily build the racking themselves thanks to the simple design of our key clamps, which can be fitted together with tube using a single Allen key.

The customer was delighted with the final product and now all club members can safely store and retrieve their kayaks.

Key clamps are fantastic for building a number of structures. Got a project in mind? Get in touch!

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