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Cs23 fisher alvin key clamps & tubes

With all the case studies and pictures we have been uploading on our website this customer was able to see he had come to right place.

The customer was able to see we had previously supplied other customers with Parkour Frames.

He was able to take ideas from previous jobs and put them into his own design.


The customer wanted to build a parkour for his kids in the back garden as an alternative to them hanging off the bannisters in the house during the lockdown.

As it was the Easter Holidays coming up, he felt this was the perfect time to get something set up.

The customer came to us with a prebuilt prototype using straws and tape. The kids were very excited to turn this into a life-size parkour frame.

Customer Problem & Our Solution

Safety is the most important aspect when it comes to our work. We really had to make sure we got this one right.
Using our knowledge, we were able to edit the design ensuring safety and keeping it similar to the original design.

Using the tools, we have here we were able to create a drawing to show the customer the final design.


Thanks to the efficient work by everyone involved, the frame was up and ready to enjoy just in time for the school holidays.

A straw prototype has now become a real-life playground for these kids.

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