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Key Clamp Fruit Cage Solution Beats the Birds

Garden structure fittings

The flexibility and versatility of our key clamp and tube systems mean they can be used in near-endless ways to create a range of unique structures for both indoor and outdoor use.

We love seeing the creative ways our customers put our key clamps to good use, and we’re always happy to advise.

The problem

We were approached by one of our regular customers from Stratford-Upon-Avon, who’d had a new idea for using key clamps on his allotment.

A keen gardener and grower of fruit and vegetables, he needed a cage to protect his harvest from birds, and had identified key clamps as the best solution.

The Solution

The customer contacted us early on in the week with a list of the key clamps he required, as well as a cutting list for the tube.

Our team got straight to work, packing the clamps into bags and cutting the tube to the required length, ready for collection.

The Result

Just two days after placing the order, the customer visited our Droitwich Trade Counter to collect the packed clamps and tube he’d requested. With the help of his son, he was able to install the tube and build the frame with ease that Saturday.

The customer now has a secure and effective way to keep birds away from his valuable vegetables and can continue making the most of the warm weather all summer.

Key clamps and tube can be used to create a range of structures for gardens and allotments. The modular design means guarantees easy construction and installation without special tools or training, making them ideal for everyone no matter your DIY ability.

Our Droitwich Trade Counter is always on hand to discuss your project and advise the best solution for you. Come along and see us or get in touch for more info.

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