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Key Clamps go Gong!

Gon fisher alvin key clamps & tubes

We love talking about unique uses for our key clamps and tubular hand rails, and this particular project is a fantastic example of just how flexible and adaptable these products really are.

The Problem

We were approached by a professional drummer and percussionist who was looking for a unique and effective way to display his dream cymbals and gongs.

He needed a solution that was completely stable to avoid vibration, but that was also flexible and would allow for a range of differently sized instruments without issue.

The Solution

After chatting to the customer, we knew that our key clamps and steel tubing, with a slip load of up to 900kgs, would make for the perfect instrument display solution, allowing for the security and adaptability that he needed.

Once we had identified which components the customer would need, we cut all the tube to size free of charge and dispatched them straight to the customer.

The Result

Once the components arrived, the customer was able to build the frame themselves and set to work hanging each instrument, safe in the knowledge they would be secure and protected.

The customer was delighted with the final result, saying: “I trawled the internet for quite a while until I found Fisher Alvin’s key clamp system.

“They will cut the galvanised tube for free, to precisely your dimensions, and the whole system is very versatile. There are joints for every conceivable way of connecting the tube even a hook which turned out to be absolutely perfect for hanging the gongs on. 

“It’s also really quick and easy to set up, requiring only the tightening of one screw with an Allen key per tube joint.

“The cost in my opinion is extremely reasonable, and I found Fisher Alvin a very good firm to deal with. They were very efficient and helpful with speedy service.”

Have a project in mind that our key clamps and tubular hand rails would be perfect for? Just get in touch!

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