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You know we do Handrails right?

Key clamp handrail for garden patio

We love to talk about the vast array of uses for our Key Clamps and steel tube system. From cricket nets to furniture and garment rails, with over 300 Key Clamp fittings in our range, you can build almost anything you can imagine.

But sometimes our customers want to go back to basics. Key Clamps were first used for building barriers and handrails, and this remains a popular core use.

The Problem

In this case, a customer approached us looking for a simple, effective solution for a handrail on their garden patio. This was the perfect project for our Key Clamps to shine in the form of a handrail kit.

The Solution

After discussing the project with the client, we suggested our handrail kits as the ideal solution. We took the customer through all our fittings and helped them identify exactly what it was they needed, ensuring all the right angles and heights were achieved.

The Result

As you can see from the pictures, our Key Clamp handrail kits did the job perfectly. The final system looks brilliant, and the customers are now able to safely enjoy their patio in the warmer months.

Need help putting together a handrail or barrier system and think our Key Clamp handrail kits will do the job? Get in touch to learn more.


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Key clamp handrail for garden patio

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