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Enhancing Safety and Efficiency at Regatta Cork Warehouse with Fisher Alvin’s Custom Solutions

High-visibility, traffic-yellow walkways with key clamp handrails in the regatta ltd warehouse

Client: Regatta Ltd
Location: County Cork, Ireland
Product: Key Clamp Handrails and Barriers


Regatta Ltd, renowned for over 80 years as outdoor experts, has expanded significantly, operating 620 stores across the UK. Fisher Alvin has been a trusted supplier to Regatta for over a decade, providing key safety installations in their retail and distribution locations, including their recent expansion in Cork, Ireland.

Regatta logo fisher alvin key clamps & tubes


The new distribution centre in Cork faced specific challenges due to the high number of forklift operations within the facility. There was a crucial need for clear, designated walkways to ensure the safety of both employees and visitors. Additionally, the facility required organisational solutions to separate packages and protect against machinery collisions with walls, corners, racking units, and pipes.

Exterior view of regatta ltd's distribution centre in county cork, ireland

Fisher Alvin’s Solution

To address these needs, Fisher Alvin provided a comprehensive suite of safety and organisational tools:

  • Designated Walkways: High-visibility, traffic-yellow powder-coated tubes were installed, ensuring they stand out amidst the busy warehouse activity, directing traffic and enhancing safety.
  • Key Clamp Handrails and Barriers: Durable Key Clamp Handrails and Barriers were strategically placed to segregate different storage areas, facilitating better organisation and accessibility. These modular components provide a robust and flexible safety solution ideal for dynamic warehouse environments.
  • Collision Protection: Handrails were also installed around critical points to prevent machinery from colliding with infrastructure, thereby reducing maintenance costs and enhancing operational longevity.
Designated walkways with key clamp handrails


The installation of Fisher Alvin’s safety barriers and handrails at Regatta’s Cork distribution centre has resulted in:

  • Enhanced Safety: Clearly marked and highly visible walkways have significantly reduced the risk of accidents involving forklifts and pedestrian traffic.
  • Improved Organisation: The use of Key Clamp Handrails and Barriers to delineate different areas has optimised space utilisation, making storage and retrieval processes more efficient.
  • Infrastructure Protection: The barriers and handrails have effectively minimised the risk of collision-related damages, preserving the structural integrity of the warehouse.


Fisher Alvin’s tailored solutions have not only met the specific safety and organisational requirements of Regatta Cork warehouse but have also contributed to a safer, more efficient working environment. These enhancements have underscored the importance of investing in quality safety equipment to manage large, high-traffic distribution centres effectively.

Handrails preventing collisions and protecting the infrastructure in the regatta ltd warehouse
Installation of key clamp handrails and barriers segregating storage areas in the warehouse
Employees working in a safe and efficient environment at regatta ltd's warehouse

For more details about how Fisher Alvin can transform your business operations with customised safety solutions, visit our website at Fisher Alvin.

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