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Shop Fit Clamps

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A customer approached us prior to the opening of their new retro clothes shop seeking an effective and unique garment rail system.

We’ve been supplying clever shop fit clamps and clothes rails solutions for years, so we were more than ready to help.

The Problem

The customer was due to open a retro clothing store and had been on the lookout for a freestanding garment rail solution. After Googling their query, they discovered shop fit clamps on our site and decided the effective and industrial design was exactly what they were looking for.

In a phone call, the customer explained that they needed various sizes of rail. We explained that this was no problem and that the modular design of our shop fit clamps meant we could easily design key garment rails and wall to floor rail systems to whatever size and shape they required.

The Solution

Once we had the required sizes from the customer, we were able to pick the right components and even offer our galvanised tube cutting service free of charge. 

We processed the order quickly and next day delivery meant the client received the components ready for build well in advance of their grand opening.

Shop fit clamps

The Result

The simple, modular design of our shop fit clamps meant the customer was able to quickly and easily build the key garment rails themselves. Once they had put the rails together, we received an email from them telling us how delighted they were, and how they will be on the lookout for ways to add more fittings and rails to the shop. All in all, a great job.

Key clamps are a fantastic solution for a range of tasks, from clothing rails to furniture. Want to discuss your project with us? Just get in touch!

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