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Cs11 fisher alvin key clamps & tubes

After seeing our Key Clamps and Galvanised Steel Tube clothes rail at their local pub, a new client approached us to create something similar for their clothing outlet.

The Problem

The client loved a clothes rail created by the combination of Key Clamps and galvanised steel tube and thought a similar system would look great in their clothing store and outlet, which was due to open soon.

Keen to get moving, the client visited our offices to discuss the project. During this meeting, the client produced several rough sketches outlining what it was they were looking for.

The Solution

Our skilled designers were able to take these sketches and create a CAD drawing. From there, a cutting list was created to identify the various fittings the client would need to allow them to install their own clamp and tube system.

Once the client was happy, the project was approved and we moved into production.

The Result

The clamps and tube were packed separately so each unit could be easily identified and delivered directly to the shop. The order was dispatched and received within two days.

The customer was able to install the system themselves, creating an effective and stylish clothing rack solution on which to store clothes for sale.

We received a message from the customer shortly after, stating that they loved the system and appreciated the rapid service. Overall, it was just a few days between the initial enquiry and the clothes being stocked on the rack.

Fisher Alvin are experts in effective key clamp and tubing systems for a range of uses. Need help? Get in touch today via our contact form.

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