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Bed made from clamps fisher alvin key clamps & tubes

We were contacted by a long term customer with who we have worked for over 12 years, looking to use our products for a unique DIY bed project.

The Problem

The customer was in need of a new bed solution for his two young boys. The beds needed to be functional and feature additional storage due to the limited space available.

Design-wise, the beds needed to be unique but have a similar look and finish. Unfortunately, these requirements meant standard off-the-shelf options from bed retailers were unsuitable.

The Solution

The customer had previously used our Key Clamps and Galvanised Steel Tubes for a range of ground-based applications and was aware of how versatile the system was. 

Using his existing knowledge of the modular Key Clamp System, the customer designed two beds that were distinct but offered the required amount of storage for clothes, books, toys, and computer equipment.

The sheer customisability of the Key Clamps allowed the customer to build beds that met all of his needs to the letter. We then took his design, picked the correct clamps, and cut the galvanised tube to the right size, all at a fraction of the cost than if he had bought complete beds and units from another retailer.

The Result

The customer received the tube and fittings promptly and was able to quickly and easily build the two beds to his own specifications. Once the beds were built, he had plenty of storage and two happy boys.

Modular key clamp fittings are the ideal solution for building a range of unique and functional pieces of furniture. Want to learn more? Get in touch!

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