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The Skylights the limit

Skylight covers fisher alvin key clamps & tubes

After working with this customer for several projects, including supplying Self Closing Gates and Freestanding Edge Protection, we thought it would be a good idea to speak to them about any other safe access needs their clients had.

It turned out that our customer had identified nine potentially risky skylights on a client’s roof which were exposed on three sides of their building, potentially putting the client’s workers at risk of falling.

The Problem

Skylights can pose a serious fall protection risk to anyone accessing the roof. Although they are usually ‘man-safe’ upon installation, natural wear and tear from the weather and climate means they can become fragile, and a possibly lethal hidden danger.

Seeking out a skylight fall protection solution, the customer had considered a full edge protection system. Instead, we suggested a Skylight Guardrails system, which would be far more cost-effective for their client.

Screen shot 2020 02 20 at 10. 07. 28 fisher alvin key clamps & tubes

The Solution

Our Skylight Guardrails prevent workers from getting near potentially dangerous roof lights with a simple yet powerful freestanding guardrail design. Recycled PVC bases lock posts and modular key clamp fittings into position around the skylight perimeter, negating any need to penetrate the roof while safely protecting anyone on the roof from a fall through skylights, rooflights, and dome lights.

From the initial enquiry, we were able to deliver the systems and all required items within three days. This enabled the customer to arrange a weekend installation and get the skylights fully protected between workers leaving on a Friday afternoon and returning on a Monday morning.

The Result

Our customer was more than happy with both the product and the speed and quality of our service. After seeing the product in place, the customer stated that they will be looking for opportunities to quote for our skylight fall protection system in future.

At Fisher Alvin, we design and supply a range of safe roof access and roof work solutions. Want to know more? Just get in touch.

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