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Transforming Stable Storage with Fisher Alvin’s Solutions

Key clamps horse rug rack

Customer: Private Horse Owner
Location: Worcestershire
Products: Key Clamps Fittings and Tube

A private horse owner in Worcestershire planned to refurbish his stables and was looking for both
practical and innovative solutions to enhance the organization and functionality of his equestrian
facilities. With a storage room overflowing with horse rugs, the need to modernise storage and
ensure the well-being of his horses were top priorities.

The customer faced a storage challenge with a surplus of horse rugs that needed an organised and
efficient storage solution.

Turning to the Internet for guidance and inspiration, the customer found Fisher Alvin, a company
renowned for its innovative solutions in the area of railing solutions and equestrian equipment.

July case study 2 fisher alvin key clamps & tubes
July case study 1 fisher alvin key clamps & tubes

Engagement with Fisher Alvin:
The customer reached out to Fisher Alvin’s sales team through our website, seeking expert advice on
how to optimise his stable storage. To get started, Fisher Alvin required only two key pieces of information: the dimensions of the storage room and the total number of horse rugs the customer needed to store.

Customised Rug Rack Design:
Utilising our skilled design team, Fisher Alvin created a customised rug rack made from our Key
Clamps fittings and tubes. The proposed design was carefully produced to maximise storage capacity
while ensuring easy access to the rugs. This design was then submitted to the customer for approval.

The rug rack, designed by Fisher Alvin’s technical team, was successfully installed in the storage
room. The customer reported that not only did it resolve the storage issue, but it also served as an
excellent drying rack for wet rugs, further enhancing its utility.

In conclusion, Fisher Alvin’s expertise and innovative solutions transformed a private horse owner’s
refurbishment project into a success. By addressing the storage needs with customised
rug racks, Fisher Alvin not only provided practical solutions but also enhanced the overall functionality of the customer’s stables.

The customer is planning to purchase more Fisher Alvin products again very soon.

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