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When A Standard Solution Just Won’t Cut It

Roof safety key clamps

Sometimes, a standard, off-the-shelf solution just won’t cut it. Whether it’s due to limited space or roof shape, standard systems will always have drawbacks. 

After a customer made an enquiry through our website for a standard roof access solution, one of our expert engineers soon identified that certain roof limitations would make a bespoke solution would be their best bet.

The Problem

The client, a mechanical design and installation firm based in Portsmouth, was looking to improve access safety on the roof of their building and discovered our modular Step-Over system online.

The Solution

The customer originally enquired about Fisher Alvin’s standard STMB600 and STMB800 freestanding Step-Overs.

These modular step-overs are absolutely ideal for ensuring safe access over a range of rooftop obstacles, including equipment, cables, pipes, and changes in level. Built using tubular fittings and galvanised steel tube, our Step-Overs are corrosion resistant, easy to install and repair, and compliant with EN 14122-3 and EN 516 Class 1-C for assured operation.

However, like many standard solutions, the space and layout of the area in which they are being used can limit their effectiveness or make them impractical. When our engineer Jamie saw pictures of the roof in question, he realised standard Step-Overs wouldn’t work due to the small amount of room available.

Thankfully, the innovative modular design of Fisher Alvin’s Step-Overs means we can easily design and supply a bespoke Step-Over solution in these cases.

Jamie was able to design a bespoke, narrow Step-Over solution, with a max width of 800mm, perfect for the customer’s needs. After providing an in-depth drawing, the customer approved the order and we got to work.

The Result

Once we had received the order and approval from the customer, our technical team created a drawing pack with instructions, parts required, and an assembly guide.

Our warehouse team was able to begin pre-assembly immediately, and we were able to get all parts to the site within 5-7 days. Thanks to the modular, minimal-tools design, the customer was able to complete installation soon after quickly and easily.

The customer now has a tailor-made Step-Over platform which exceeds their specific needs, providing safe access over any obstacles on the roof and protecting employees.

Looking for more information or to discuss your roof access project with the experts? Get in touch today.

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