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Handrail for pier fisher alvin key clamps & tubes

Most of our clients are based in the UK, and we’ve got a proud history that dates back all the way to Birmingham in the early 1900s. 

Nevertheless, we’re more than happy to work with customers overseas, and this case study is a perfect example of just how far we’re ready to go.

The Problem

When we were approached by a customer seeking a Key Clamp handrail solution from us to extend an existing handrail system on a seafront pier, it seemed like a standard enquiry. As it turned out, the pier itself was in Georgetown Harbour on Ascension Island, a whopping 4,000 miles south of Droitwich in the South Atlantic Ocean.

The Solution

Despite the distance, we were more than happy to help. Our experts worked with the customer via email and phone calls to identify the fittings they would need. Once the quote was agreed, we got to work, picking and packing the right components. 

Before dispatch, we double-checked, then triple-checked to ensure all fittings were correct. With such a distance between us and the customer, we had to get it right the first time, as redelivery would cost an arm and a leg.

The Result

All the Key Clamp fittings arrived safe and sound and correct, allowing the customer to crack on and install the handrails himself using a simple Allen key. The pier is now fully protected, and the client was delighted.

Wherever you are in the world, we can help with your handrail needs. Just get in touch!

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