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Maximising Efficiency and Safety: The Role of Modular Access Platforms in Modern Industries

Modular access platform from fisher alvin over industrial pipework

In the quest for operational efficiency and stringent safety in modern industrial environments, modular access platforms stand out as indispensable tools. These versatile solutions cater to a myriad of access challenges, from navigating over pipework and equipment to safely bridging different levels on roofs or ground areas. Fisher Alvin, a leading provider in this field, showcases a comprehensive range of modular access platforms designed to meet, if not exceed, industry standards and safety criteria, ensuring minimal disruption on site while promoting a safe working platform.

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The Importance of Modular Access in Industry

Modular access platforms, including both larger platforms for extensive reach and small platforms for more confined spaces, serve as the backbone for safe access across various sectors. These platforms are not only crucial for routine operations but are also essential in ensuring complete compliance with safety regulations. The adaptability of modular platforms allows for configurations that fit virtually any requirement, from static work platforms for vehicle maintenance to portable access platforms for temporary access needs, demonstrating a commitment to providing a safety solution with minimal disruption.

Fisher Alvin’s Galvanised steel modular access platform installed on a rooftop.

Picture1 fisher alvin key clamps & tubes

Custom Solutions for Unique Challenges

One size does not fit all when it comes to access needs in industrial settings. Fisher Alvin recognises this through their bespoke access platforms and bespoke mobile access platforms, which are custom tailored to meet specific site requirements. These bespoke solutions, designed with modular components, offer an alternative to traditional solutions by ensuring a platform design is perfect fit for the intended application. Whether it’s a static custom platform for a specific area or a mobile access platform for flexible use across a site, the emphasis is on delivering a solution that provides safe access with the added benefit of being assembled on site, offering extra support arms or any other custom feature needed.

Access Platforms: A Step Above in Modular Access

Fisher Alvin’s modular access platforms embody innovation and safety. These platforms are built using galvanised tubular fittings for durability and strength, ensuring they are extremely secure. Fisher Alvin’s platform range is notable for its versatility, offering off the shelf fittings that can be quickly deployed and easily assembled on site, causing minimal on-site disruption. Available in both static and mobile configurations, Fisher Alvin’s platforms provide safe access for a variety of applications, from maintenance tasks to accessing different levels within a facility.

Picture2 fisher alvin key clamps & tubes

Bespoke mobile access platform for safe equipment maintenance.

Ensuring Safety and Compliance

Safety is paramount in the design and implementation of access platforms. Fisher Alvin’s platforms are engineered to meet rigorous safety standards, including BS EN 14122 Part 3 for larger platforms and EN 516 Class 1-C for mini step-overs. This commitment to safety is further exemplified in the inclusion of features like double handrails, toe-boards, and non-slip treads, all of which contribute to creating a safe access point across different terrains and applications. Furthermore, both standard and bespoke Access Platform solutions are designed to ensure complete compliance with Work at Height Regulations, highlighting Fisher Alvin’s dedication to not just meeting but exceeding safety criteria.

Efficiency Through Modular Design

The modular nature of these platforms ensures that they can be delivered fully assembled or in component form, significantly reducing installation time and on-site disruption. This design philosophy extends to both the standard and bespoke platforms, with the latter offering custom solutions that are precisely engineered to fit existing platform configurations or to provide access over complex obstacles. The efficiency of modular access platforms is not just in their installation but also in their adaptability, allowing for easy reconfiguration or relocation to meet changing access needs.

Fisher Alvin Platform providing safe access over roof obstacles

Picture3 fisher alvin key clamps & tubes


Modular access platforms are critical in modern industries for providing safe and efficient access solutions. Whether through off-the-shelf options or customised Fisher Alvin Platforms, these modular solutions address the dual needs of safety and operational efficiency. By enabling safe access with minimal disruption and ensuring complete compliance with safety standards, Fisher Alvin’s modular access platforms represent a pivotal advancement in access solutions, paving the way for safer, more efficient industrial operations. If you’re looking to significantly reduce fall-related risks in your working environment, reach out to Fisher Alvin today. Our expert team is ready to help you create a safer workspace.

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