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Step-Over Platforms

Fisher Alvin offers a range of modular Step-Over Platforms providing safe access over obstacles on roofs and on the ground level, such as pipework, plant equipment, cable trays and air-conditioning ducting.

Our Step-Overs can also accommodate changes in levels to offer a safe, anti-slip waking surface across a roof or other areas within or around a building.

Step-Over Platforms are an ideal solution for safe access in areas, where normal access can be obstructed due to plant, machinery or even the configuration of the roof.

Fisher Alvin Step-Over Platforms are made using tubular fittings and galvanised steel tube, making them corrosion resistant, easy to install and repair. Our Step-Overs are either designed in accordance with EN 14122-3 (for the large units) or EN 516 Class 1-C (for the mini step-overs) for assured operation.

Fisher Alvin Step-Over Platforms range consists of Standard Step-Over Kits and Mini Step-Over Kits, both types of platforms are available off the shelf. If the of the shelf kits don’t suit customer’s requirements, we can design and supply a Bespoke Step-Over Platform.

Technical drawing

With a vast amount of experience from previous projects our experts are on hand and ready to review any images / drawings that you have and advice you in terms of exactly what you will need to provide safe access over obstacles. We know how important it is for you and your clients that installations go right first time and this is why want to help to ensure it happens.

To make use of this free service simply upload any images / drawings / measurements via the attached link and we will respond to you within 1 hour during normal business hours of 9am-5pm. Please note uploads sent after 5pm each day will be responded to by 10am on the following working day.

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