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Fisher Alvin offers Bespoke Industrial Step-Over Platforms made to tackle just about any roof obstacle.

Our Custom Step-Overs can be tailor made to meet specific site requirements, to provide safe access over pipework, plant equipment and conduits or to accommodate changes in roof levels.

Fisher Alvin Bespoke Step-Over Platforms can be designed up to 3m in height to suit specific site requirements and to provide the safest possible method of access to. Each platform is modular in design for ease and speed of installation.

Each Step-Over Kit includes a double handrail and toe-boards for added safety.


  • Work at Height Regulations
  • EN: 14122 part 3 and 4

Features & Benefits of Customised Step-Over Platforms

  • Provide safe access over obstacles such as pipework and plant equipment
  • Easily accommodate changes in levels
  • Modular design
  • Available in galvanised steel or aluminium
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Tailor made to meet specific site requirements
  • No welding or drilling required

Contact us to discuss your side requirement. We can design and supply an Industrial Step-Over Platform to provide safe access to roof areas which could be difficult to reach otherwise.

Call Fisher Alvin on 01905 779944 to discuss your project