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Internal Edge Protection

Non-Penetrating Roof Edge Protection For Internal Applications

Roof edge protection for internal applications
Freestanding edge protection_roof inside a building

Many warehouses and factories have facilities that are constructed within a building structure. These facilities need a variety of equipment, like ventilation or cooling systems. This equipment is usually mounted on the top of the roof and needs to be regularly maintained.

Protecting the safety of workers and contractors in internal applications is as important as providing fall protection to operatives on the top of external roofs. When it comes to roof edge protection, it’s not just about safety; it’s also about versatility and ease of installation. That’s where Fisher Alvin’s Non-Penetrating Internal Freestanding Roof Edge Protection system comes into play.

Our solution offers superior safety for inside applications, granting you peace of mind while ensuring compliance with safety regulations. Fisher Alvin’s freestanding edge protection system is ideal for cold store roofs.

The Fisher Alvin Internal Roof Edge Protection System

Safety systems on cold store roof

Typical system includes a self-closing gate at the top of the ladder opening.

Non penetrating roof edge protection for internal applications

Typical corner detail.

For over 15 years, Fisher Alvin’s counterbalanced railing system has been a trusted choice for fall protection in elevated working environments. Our system is very adaptable. It can be used on virtually any flat internal roof or gradients of up to 10 degrees. It’s suitable for both new construction projects and retrofitting existing rooftops.

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Why Choose Our Internal Rooftop Edge Protection?

No Roof Membrane Penetration

Our counterbalanced arms are equipped with 3mm fluted rubber pads, which securely hold the system in place, without compromising the integrity of the roof surface. The low-profile design eliminates the need for unsightly and heavy concrete or rubber weights, reducing trip hazards.

Easy Installation

We’ve designed our system for ease of installation. The system uses Key Clamp fittings and galvanised steel components. Installation requires no drilling, bolting, or other complex mounting processes that could damage your infrastructure.

Versatile Applications

Whether you’re working in a warehouse, factory, or any internal setting with elevated platforms or roof access, our freestanding roof edge protection adapts seamlessly to various environments.


All components come in a galvanised steel finish, ensuring longevity and corrosion resistance.


Fisher Alvin’s freestanding roof edge protection has been designed and tested to meet the BS EN 13374 Class A standard. It also complies with Work at Height Regulations 2005, making it a dependable choice for safety and compliance.

Technical Information


The rails and supports are made of galvanised steel tube to BS EN ISO 1461 and have an outside diameter of 48.3mm.

Key Clamp Fittings

Our Key Clamps are malleable iron castings manufactured to exceed BS 6681 (ISO 5922) and BS 2789 (ISO 1083). All clamps are supplied with Dacromat-coated case-hardened set screws and are galvanized to BS 729 (ISO 1461).

Height Options

All components come in a galvanised steel finish. They can be installed to a finished height of either 1000mm or 1100mm.


When tightened to 4.1kg (29ft/lb), a slip load of 900kg can be obtained on each screw.

Additional Technical Information

For detailed testing certificates and load calculations, feel free to request further technical information.

Roof edge protection tab 1 1 fisher alvin key clamps & tubes The safety of workers operating at height is vital for all businesses. With an increasing number of reasons to be working on roofs from maintenance and cleaning the need for roof protection has never been greater. With Freestanding Roof Edge Protection installed companies and individuals can be assured of worker safety, creating a barrier at the roof edge and minimising the risk of falls. Submit your plan

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