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Skylight Guardrails

Fisher Alvin Skylight Guardrails allow maintenance teams and contractors to work safely on rooftops without the risk of stepping onto an unguarded skylight.

Our Skylight Guardrail systems provide freestanding fall protection solution for use around skylights, rooflights, and dome lights.

Recycled PVC bases lock the posts into position around the perimeter of the skylight. Key Clamp fittings and standard length tubes are used to construct a rigid frame around the rooflight.

Fisher Alvin Skylight Guardrails can be implemented on any roof surfaces, with a maximum pitch of 3°.

Skylight Guardrails Compliance

  • Compliant with BS EN ISO 14122 Part 3

Skylight Guardrails Features & Benefits

  • Minimise the risk of falling through glazed areas
  • PVC feet do not penetrate the roof membrane
  • Can be used on roofs with a maximum pitch of 3°
  • Rapid assembly around the designated area
  • All fittings are galvanized, making the system long lasting and virtually maintenance free

If you need a bespoke system to protect your rooflight or skylight, please contact us to discuss your requirements. Call us on 01905 779944 and our team will be happy to help.

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