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Armco Crash Barriers

DOWNLOAD BROCHURESArmco Crash Barriers provide a barrier safety system that can be installed both internally and externally. Whether they are used in car parks, factories or delivery bays they provide invaluable protection for your workers, your customers and your property.

At Fisher Alvin we are pleased to offer a wide range of Armco products to meet your crash barrier needs. From the barriers themselves through to the posts, end and corner plates as well as fixing bolts we are here to provide the right solution for you.

If you know exactly what you require then simply contact us direct either on 01905 779944,or via email at and will confirm our best price with you and delivery times. Alternatively if you would prefer to come through our Design Centre we will be happy to review any images and / or drawings that you have and advise you of exactly what you need. As with all of the Fisher Alvin range you will be assured of quality and competitively priced products that are delivered promptly to you or straight to site.



Fisher Alvin Armco Barriers can be used as a single or a multiple height barrier, with legs bolted down or cast in to the ground.

The legs can be adapted to carry an integral handrail for effective pedestrian protection. All our Armco is manufactured to meet BS6399, BS6180:1999 and are galvanised to EN ISO1461.


Fisher Alvin Armco Barrier rails are 3500mm long with an effective length of 3200mm (overlap of 300mm), the standard thickness of the barrier rail is 3mm.

The Barrier rails can also be curved to suit your requirements. We also provide a cutting service allowing exact sizing of barrier runs.


Armco Barrier Leg Types

Posts for Armco Barriers are available in RSJ, spring steel and Z-section profile and can be bolted down or cast into the ground. The type of posts and their centres can be altered, dependent on the type of protection you require, typically the leg centres on Armco barrier are at 3.2mts, 1.6mts or 0.8mts.


Armco Barrier RSJ TYPE LEGS

760mm Bolt Down Single Height Barrier
1100mm Bolt Down Double Height Barrier
1200mm Cast In Single Height Barrier
1500mm Cast In Single Height Barrier
1800mm Cast In Double Height Barrier
560mm Bolt Down Single Height Barrier
610mm Bolt Down Single Height Barrier


Armco Barrier Z TYPE LEGS

110×50 1160mm Cast In Single Height
125×90 1200mm Cast In Single Height
110×50 560mm Bolt Down Single Height
110×50 760mm Bolt Down Single Height


Armco Barrier Terminal Ends & Accessories




Armco Barriers are usually finished with a terminal end – the most common type of terminal for a barrier is the Fishtail end. If the ends need to be pedestrian friendly pedestrian ends or plastic end caps can be fitted to the Armco barrier. We have introduced a new range of rubber and polymer terminal ends as well as polymer fishtail and pedestrian ends.

Armco Barriers can be sent in different directions by the use of Armco Corners, corners are available in 90º and 45º. If you need your Armco barrier in a different angle the use of flexible corners can be used. Armco Barrier corners are available in both internal and external formats and we offer plastic end caps for posts.


Post Types

RSJ Type

RSJ Type

Z Type

Z Type

Spring Steel Buffer

Spring Steel Buffer

Call Fisher Alvin on 01905 779944 for a quote


PLEASE NOTE: Fisher Alvin Armco is not suitable for road use.

individual crash barriers

Our crash barriers come in individual component form in order that you can purchase and install exactly what items you need to provide the right protection and safety for you and your workers.

Once we know exactly what you are looking to protect our experts are on hand to advise you and provide the right solution for you.

Submit your plan

Technical drawing

We offer all of our customers free advice and design to ensure that both the right type and quantity of products are selected for your job.

To make use of this free service simply upload any images / drawings / measurements via the attached link and we will respond to you within 1 hour during normal business hours of 9am-5pm. Please note uploads sent after 5pm each day will be responded to by 10am on the following working day.

Alternatively if you would prefer to speak to one of experts direct you can either select Live Chat or phone us direct on 01905 779944.

Submit Your Ideas


All products are manufactured to the highest quality using the finest materials and most modern plant and machinery.

In addition to providing a quality product we also aim to be the best value on all of the products we sell. If you find a similar product available at a lower price please contact us and will do our best to offer you a better deal.


We know how important it is that you get the right goods, at the right location, at the right time and therefore the delivery of our products is one of the most important aspects of the service we offer.

We will always take a site contact name and number for the delivery at the point when the order is made and will aim to deliver the majority of orders on a next day basis. Where this is not possible due to the size or weight of the consignment we will ensure the delivery is made within 2-3 working days to anywhere within the UK.

Please note different delivery times can be encountered for deliveries outside of the UK.

Step 1

Measure your space

In order to provide an accurate quote please measure the total length of area that needs to be protected, making a note of any turns or changes in elevation that may be encountered.

Step 2

Use Our Free Design Service

Simply submit a drawing or image of the area along with the specific measurements and we will give you impartial and professional advice on all of the components you need.

Step 3

Take Delivery
within 24 hours

Once we have agreed with you exactly what is required, we can arrange for the immediate shipping of all the components to your premises or direct to site.

Step 4

Quick and Easy Installation

With all the required barriers and fixings delivered to site the installation of our Armco barriers could not be simpler. Our experts are available to offer additional support should this be required.