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Mini Step-Over Kits

Mini Step-Over Platform Kits from Fisher Alvin provide safe access over trip hazards such as cable trays, low level pipework and other low level obstacles.

Mini Step-Overs are available in a range of kit sizes for 5 clearance heights. The Step-Over Kits are supplied flat packed with full assembly instructions for speed and ease of installation on site.

Mini Step-Over Kits are made from galvanised steel, aluminium extrusion and reinforced nylon treads to provide a low maintenance and durable safe access solution.

Mini Step-Over Kits are available in either free standing or fixed options. The free standing models are designed for installation without the need to penetrate the surface – they stand on two 26Kg base weights, while the fixed models use galvanised steel flanges for feet.

Mini Step-Overs Compliance

  • EN 516 Class 1-C

Features & Benefits of Mini Step-Over Kits

  • Supplied partially assembled and flat packed
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Free standing and fixed models
  • Available in 200mm and 400mm height clearances
  • 3, 4 and 5 tread length options
  • Suitable for use on any flat surface

Freestanding Step-Overs  + 112kg weights

  • STMFS2003

    Free standing - 200mm x 240mm clearance
  • STMFS2004

    Free standing - 200mm x 490mm clearance
  • STMFS2005

    Free standing - 200mm x 740mm clearance
  • STMFS4003

    Free standing - 400mm x 420mm clearance
  • STMFS4004

    Free standing - 400mm x 670mm clearance
  • STMFS4005

    Free standing - 400mm x 913mm clearance

Fixed Step-Overs

  • STMFX2003

    Fixed - 200mm x 463mm clearance
  • STMFX2004

    Fixed - 200mm x 713mm clearance
  • STMFX2005

    Fixed - 200mm x 963mm clearance
  • STMFX4003

    Fixed - 400mm x 463mm clearance
  • STMFX4004

    Fixed - 400mm x 713mm clearance
  • STMFX4005

    Fixed - 400mm x 963mm clearance

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