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Warehouse Protection

Safety in busy warehouses and logistic centres is paramount.

As a centre operator, you have to make sure that your facility conforms to the highest safety standards. This applies to a number of different areas: to the safety and security of your employees, delivery workers, and visitors in equal measures.

Fisher Alvin, a leading supplier of warehouse protection systems, can provide you with a wide range of high-quality, affordable, safe, and reliable safety solutions for your warehouse. Focusing on both the welfare of your people and the profitability of your operation, our tried and tested safety products are built to ensure consistent performance at the highest level.

Warehouse fisher alvin key clamps & tubes

Fisher Alvin Warehouse Protection Systems Range

Traffic crash barriers uk fisher alvin key clamps & tubes

Traffic Crash Barriers

Warehouse crash barriers are designed to protect people, machinery, building walls, shelving, racks, and doors inside industrial buildings. 

Warehouse safety barriers uk fisher alvin key clamps & tubes

Warehouse Safety Barriers

A range of hi-vis upright protectors that allows you to avoid machinery collisions into walls, corners, racking units, posts, and pipes in warehouses.

Demarcation systems uk fisher alvin key clamps & tubes

Demarcation Systems

Freestanding high visibility, maintenance-free demarcation systems ideal for providing demarcation around the plant, equipment, and fragile materials.

Saftey Equipment from Fisher Alvin

In addition to our Warehouse Protection Systems, Fisher Alvin offers a wide range of other safety solutions, which will separate staff from hazards, whether they are working internally or externally at height, or on the warehouse floor.

  • Key Clamp Fittings offer a flexible solution for the construction of safety railings and are ideal for creating clear demarcated walkways and working areas.
  • Self-Closing Safety Gates provide fall protection when used at height and a visual traffic barrier when used at ground level. 
  • Pallet Gates are designed to protect people who are moving goods up or down from mezzanine floors.
  • Bespoke Access Platforms stop people from performing maintenance and repairs in an unsafe manner and are ideal for areas where off-the-shelf fabricated platforms are not appropriate.

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