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KEE GATE self-closing gates have been designed to be fully adjustable and can accommodate an opening up to 1m wide for the single gate and up to 1.8m for the double gate. Both single and double safety gates are available in galvanised steel finish or yellow powder coated.

Our industrial self-closing safety gates can be retro-fitted to existing structures where reliable protection is required.

Single Gate – Dimensions


The single gate has been designed for openings up to 1m wide. The single gate is adjustable – width can be cut to size on-site.

Double Gate – Dimensions


The double gate has been designed for larger openings greater than 1m wide, they can accommodate openings up to 1.8m wide. The double gate is adjustable – width can be cut to size on-site.



Kee Gate Industrial Safety Gates have been extensively tested to ensure they comply with international standards such as BS EN ISO 14122 Part 3 and BS EN 13374 Class A.

The gates have also passed a series of performance tests such as Salt Spray Testing to ensure the coating’s performance and Life Cycle Testing which proved the range’s durability by withstanding 50,000 open and close cycles through 90 degrees. All test reports are available upon request.



  • BS EN 13374 Class A
  • BS EN ISO 14122 Part 3

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